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Since 2001, The M&A Advisor has been recognizing the world’s leading M&A, financing and restructuring professionals with our annual awards programs. Established in 2007, the Annual Turnaround Awards has become the restructuring and distressed investing industry’s benchmark for excellence. 

The 18th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards will recognize the leading distressed transactions, restructuring, refinancing, products and services, firms, and professionals in the United States and international markets. The awards will be presented as part of the 2023 Distressed Investing Summit and Turnaround Awards Gala in Palm Beach, Florida on March 18 - 19, 2024.



NOMINATION DEADLINE: Thursday, December 7, 2023, 4PM EST.

Note: A limited number of post-deadline nominations will be accepted after December 7. 

Please contact us immediately at +1 (212) 951-1550 or awards@maadvisor.com  to inquire about availability and instructions to submit after December 7.



Submit nominations in the following classifications:

  1. Firm Award Category
  • Accounting/Due Diligence Firm of the Year
  • Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year
  • Investment Banking Firm of the Year
  • Law Firm of the Year
  • Lender Firm of the Year
  • Valuation Firm of the Year
  • Communications Firm of the Year
  • Turnaround Consulting Firm of the Year
  • Private Equity Firm of the Year
  1. Professional Award Category
  • Distressed M&A Dealmaker of the Year
  • Legal Advisor of the Year
  • Turnaround Consultant of the Year
  1. Turnaround Product/Service Award Category
  • Turnaround Product/Service of the Year  


  1. M&A Transaction Award Category
  • Distressed M&A Deal of the Year
  • Divestiture Deal of the Year
  • Sec.363 Sale of the Year  
  1. Refinancing Award Category
  • Refinancing of the Year  
  1. Restructuring Award Category
  • Restructuring of the Year
  • Cross-Border Restructuring of the Year 
  • Restructuring Community Impact Award
  • Chapter 11 Reorganization of the Year
  • Out-of-Court Restructuring of the Year
  • Turnaround Award 
  1. Sector Award Category
  • Consumer Discretionary Deal of the Year
    ​​Sub-sectors include: Retailing; Media; Consumer Services; Casino; Apparel; Consumer Durables; Automobile and components
  • Consumer Staples Deal of the Year
    ​Sub-sectors include: ​Food Retail; Food Distributors; Agriculture; Drug Retail; Hypermarkets and Super Centers; Food; Beverages; Tobacco; House and Cleaning Products/Supplies; Baby, Dental, Family and/or Feminine Products
  • Energy Deal of the Year ​
    Sub-sectors include: Energy Equipment; Energy Services; Oil; Gas; Consumable Fuels; Coal
  • Financials Deal of the Year
    ​Sub-sectors include: ​Banks; Insurance; Real Estate; Diversified Financial Services; Capital Markets
  • Healthcare/Life Sciences Deal of the Year
    Sub-sectors include:  Healthcare Equipment and Services; Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Life
  • Industrials Deal of the Year
    ​Sub-sectors include: ​Aerospace and Defense; Engineering; Construction; Electrical Equipment; Industrial Conglomerates; Machinery; Trading Companies; Distributors; Commercial Printing; Environmental Services; Office Services; Office Supplies; Security and Alarm Services; Transportation
  • Information Technology Deal of the Year
    ​Sub-sectors include:​ IT Services; Internet; Software; Software Services; Technology Hardware and Equipment; Technology Storage; Radio and Television Broadcasting Equipment; Semiconductors
  • Materials Deal of the Year
    Sub-sectors include: ​Chemicals; Construction Materials; Containers Packaging; Metals; Mining; Paper; Forest Products
  • Professional Services (B-to-B) Deal of the Year (includes business to business services across different sectors and sub-sectors)
  • Telecommunication Services Deal of the Year
    Sub-sectors include: ​Broadband Telecommunications; Satellite Communications; Wireless Communications 
  • Utilities Deal of the Year
    Sub-sectors include: Electric Utilities; Gas Utilities; Water Utilities; Independent Power; Renewable Electricity Producers



General Nomination Criteria

a. There are no limits on the number of nominations submitted

b. A separate nomination must be submitted for each restructuring, transaction, refinancing, firm, product/service, and professional nominated

c. Nominations must all be submitted electronically using this website.


Specific Category Nomination Criteria

a. To qualify for Restructuring Deal of the Year, M&A Transaction Deal of the Year, Refinancing Deal of the Year and/or Sector Deal of the Year, the transaction must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The deal must have a minimum value of $10mm USD
  2. The deal must have been concluded between November 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023.


There is a nominal processing fee charged for all nominations. The fee is comprised of these components:

  1. A base fee of $225 will be charged for processing each nomination 
  2. An additional fee of $95 will be incurred per category


The process for submission is as follows:

  1. Create an account to manage your nomination submissions. 
  2. Prepare a nomination form for each of the Award Categories and transactions that you wish to submit. The Award Categories are: Restructuring; M&A Transaction; Refinancing; Sector; Firm; Turnaround Product/Service and Professional.
  3. The following information will be required to complete each submission:
    • Contact information for Nominator; Nominee; Marketing; Media and Communication representatives
    • Name of the transaction; refinancing; restructuring; firm; product/service and professional nominated
    • Nomination categories. Each transaction can qualify for multiple award categories. 
    • Detailed profile of the transaction/refinancing/restructuring/product/service/firm or professional specific information 
    • Links that can provide more information about the nominated transaction, professional, firm or individual  
    • For transaction, refinancing, and restructuring categories you will also be asked to provide the date the deal was completed/closed, deal value or value range and deal team members 
  4. Create an account and prepare your entries here.
  5. To complete the submission you will provide credit card information for payment


The M&A Advisor uses the research services to access both real-time and historical information on companies, markets, deals, and people that are represented in the nomination submissions. An independent committee of M&A, restructuring and refinancing industry business leaders will judge all nominations. The judging will be conducted in a secure datasite using exclusive and trusted technology to ensure that all eligible nominations are processed and evaluated securely and confidentially. 

Judging Criteria 

a. Restructuring Deal of the Year, M&A Transaction of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, and/or Sector Deal of the Year submissions will be judged on the following criteria: 

  • Deal profile (30% of the score)
  • Deal challenges (30% of the score)
  • Deal benefits (30% of the score)
  • Adherence to nomination form instructions and to the 250 word limit for each question (10% of the score)

b. Firm of the Year submissions will be judged on the following criteria: 

  • Firm’s profile (10% of the score)
  • Firm’s unique attributes (40% of the score)
  • Firm’s industry impact (40% of the score)
  • Adherence to nomination form instructions and to the 250 word limit for each question (10% of the score)

c. Turnaround Product/Service of the Year submissions will be judged on the following criteria: 

  • Turnaround Product/Service’s profile (30% of the score)
  • Turnaround Product/Service’s benefits and unique attributes (30% of the score) 
  • Turnaround Product/Service’s market share, growth trajectory, and industry impact  (30% of the score) 
  • Adherence to nomination form instructions and to the 250 word limit for each question (10% of the score)

d. Professional of the Year submissions will be judged on the following criteria: 

  • ​​Professional’s profile (30% of the score) 
  • Professional’s activity (30% of the score) 
  • Professionals' unique attributes and industry impact (30% of the score)
  • Adherence to nomination form instructions and to the 250 word limit for each question (10% of the score)


The M&A Advisor and its independent judges will maintain the strictest confidentiality possible for all information provided. Upon the selection of Award Winners, only the transaction name, product/service name, dealmaker, and firm names will be publicized. While there may be a dollar range specified for transaction, refinancing and restructuring award categories, the actual value will not be published at any time.  


If you have questions regarding the awards program, contact:

Steve Finney
Senior Director
The M&A Advisor
+1 (212) 812-2136

If you have trouble logging in/creating an account please inquire with info@openwater.com.